7 Unique Business Ideas that are now Successful Business Startups

Have you ever wondered how entrepreneurs come up with unique business ideas? You must have heard of some websites providing cool products and services. But, before the existence of these websites, did you even think that you need these products/services?

Well, this is the awesome fact about the millennial entrepreneurs. They know exactly how to woo the young generation and get their business successful. Here is a list of the 7 unique business ideas that were very innovative and have now become big businesses running successfully.

  1. OyeHappy


OyeHappy came up with the unique idea of surprises. The founders knew that this generation loves giving and receiving surprises. And they also knew that in the busy day-to-day life, they don’t get time to plan surprises by themselves. So they took a step further and planned the surprises for us. And guess what, people bought their idea on a large scale. That is pretty amazing.

  1. The Happy Feet

We have all been through this. After a tiring day at work, when we lay down on our bed after reaching home, we wish someone could give us a foot massage. Well, the founders of the Happy Feet guessed it right and started this service. They provide this service via a simple click and at your doorstep.

  1. Inspirock


We are definitely the traveling generation. We like to explore new places and then upload the pictures on social media. While thinking of the unique business ideas, the founders of Inspirock caught it and came up with their innovative business idea.

Inspirock is a travel itinerary creating a website which would take inputs from the user about their preferences and their trip details and then come up with the perfect itinerary.

  1. Inshorts

Most of us would have Inshorts app installed on our phones. But did we ever think how the founders would have come up with this unique idea? Reading the entire news article takes too much time and reading just the headline does not provide the insight, but 60 words are just perfect. Isn’t that just amazing?


  1. The Dress Bank


When thinking of unique business ideas, one cannot skip fashion segment. Whether you want to go on an anniversary date or it’s your best friend’s wedding, you need not spend a bomb for a dress that you are going to wear just once. Rather, you can just rent it from The Dress Bank.


  1. Zoomin

Whenever it is a special occasion, people like to give something customized as a gift to their loved ones. But many-a-times, we don’t get time to do it ourselves. Also, some of us might not have crafty skills to create something handmade and beautiful. But that does not mean that you won’t give them a customized gift. Thanks to Zoomin now gifting your loved ones creative and customized gifts is as easy as a just a few clicks. This is one of those unusual business ideas which we never knew we needed. It is not only helping customers but also the skilled craftsmen who needed jobs.


  1. RedBus

RedBus is one of the most successful and unique business ideas. Even the founders of the website did not know that it is going to make it this big. Our generation wants to book bus tickets sitting at home and RedBus made it possible with the facility to compare choices in terms of prices, seating’s, facilities, rating availability on the required dates.

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