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7 Unique Business Ideas that are now Successful Business Startups

Have you ever wondered how entrepreneurs come up with unique business ideas? You must have heard of some websites providing cool products and services. But, before the existence of these websites, did you even think that you need these products/services? Well, this is the awesome fact about the millennial entrepreneurs. They know exactly how to […]

7 Startup India Schemes that you should know about

The startup ecosystem in India is expanding day by day, thanks to the many startup India schemes launched in recent years. These schemes provide encouragement to the budding entrepreneurs in the country. There is no doubt that government is trying to bring the start-up culture to each state. The Startup India plan was much hyped […]

5 Reasons why your Company needs to hire a PR Firm

The age-old question – should you hire a PR firm or do it in-house? While different people have different perspectives about it, there is one thing that remains unchanged. You need people to talk about your company. Advertising about your products and services is good, but that would not build credibility. On the other hand, […]

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